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Discover Victoria's road riding paradise on a cycling trip across the High Country. Pick a place, any place and be guaranteed myriad road riding opportunities, from mountain climbs and undulating loops to adrenaline-charged mountain descents and effortless valley roads. Stunning vistas, quiet country roads, helpful locals and a non-stop events calendar.



Walk, hike or run across the mountains and hills, valleys and high plains of the High Country and revel in breathtaking scenery on all sides. With an extensive network of tracks and trails around Victoria's highest peaks, you can choose an adventure that suits your time and fitness level, from short walks and challenging runs to multi-day hikes.



Feel the excitement mount as you pack your skis and snowboards and make your way to the magnificent mountains of Victoria's High Country and its internationally regarded ski resorts. And with most resorts boasting a wide range of accommodation options, from lux to low key, you can be as close to the action as you like.



Get your dose of high-octane excitement in the High Country with adventure activities including rock-climbing, paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving. Clamber over the High Country's iconic rocky outcrops or ride thermals while paragliding over the Ovens Valley, enjoy a unique cliff picnic experience or get a rush jumping out of a moving plane.

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