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Australian cyclists in the period of 1995 – 2005

Australian Museum of Cycling

Bright Velo is looking to establish a collection of bikes that represent a colourful but dominating period of time when Australian cyclists ruled he roads in Europe. Australian cyclists in the period of 1995 – 2005  were battling some of the titans of pro cycling at the time. Riders like Mario Cippolini, Marco Pantani and Lance Armstrong were all household names but the Australian contingent of the peloton were rubbing shoulders with them on a regular basis. Whether it was the sprint train of FDJ or the domestique duties in Team ONCE, Australian cyclists were becoming a force in pro cycling.  


We have created a collection of bikes that best represent the Australian contingent of cyclists in the peloton. They are all to period specs and have been collected from all corners of the world. They demonstrate the evolving technology of bikes over 10 years with the advancement of aluminium over steel and then the impact of carbon fibre.  The collection is open to all cycling fans who want to indulge in cycling yesteryear and open to any riders from that period for their feedback or stories. I will also establish a range of jerseys that represent Australian riders of then and now. 

Legends of Australian Cycling

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