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Team Motorola

The Motorola Cycling Team, founded in 1990, quickly became one of the most prominent teams in professional cycling during the 1990s. The team was sponsored by Motorola, a leading telecommunications company at the time. Motorola's sponsorship provided substantial financial support, enabling the team to recruit top riders and compete at the highest level. The team achieved significant success in various prestigious cycling competitions, including the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and other major races on the international cycling calendar.


Motorola's sponsorship brought not only financial backing but also technological advancements to the sport. The team was one of the first to utilize advanced training methods, including heart rate monitoring and aerodynamic equipment. Despite the team's dissolution in the late 1990s, the legacy of the Motorola Cycling Team lives on, particularly through the achievements of Lance Armstrong. However, the team's reputation has been tarnished by doping scandals, which have cast a shadow over its former successes. Overall, the Motorola Cycling Team played a significant role in shaping professional cycling during the 1990s, with its talented riders, technological


Australian riders to ride for Team Motorola


Phil Anderson  1991 -1994


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2 Ireland Street, Bright 3741


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