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Meet Gary Fisher, the trailblazing legend known as the ‘GodFather of Mountain Biking’. Starting his career as a maverick kid racer in California, he was once suspended in 1968 for having his hair too long. However, that was not enough to waver his dogged determination and boundless energy and as soon as the “long hair” rule was overturned in 1972, he jumped straight back on the bike. He set the record for the Repack downhill race on a modified bike which lead to Gary coining the term ‘mountain bike’ in 1979. Later he went on the create and manufacture ‘Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes’ and his genius and influence on Mountain bike racing will forever shine on.

Luxury accommodation in Bright, Bright Velo in central to town and has a beautiful restaurant and whisky/wine bar on the ground level.


  • Queen Bed in Bedroom 1

  • Double & Single in Bedroom 2 

  • Main Bathroom

  • Kitchenette

  • Living Space

  • Air Conditioning/Heating

  • Coffee Facilities

  • Non Smoking

  • Guest Laundry

  • Secure Bike Storage

  • Empire Dining  (Check opening hours)

  • Wine & Whisky Bar (Check opening hours)



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